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I *heart* Twitter

I have been making a concerted effort to start exploring and using different pieces of software, applications, technology and perhaps MOST importantly read more.  The past few years have been dedicated to and completely devoured by my two small daughters, they are turning out pretty good so I don’t feel badly about this but it has meant that there has not been a lot of spare time to do anything “extracurricular”.  This has meant some things have passed me by, Twitter for example.


I had previously passed off the IT-Rex’s sales pitch for Twitter, mainly as I just didn’t get it. I have a Facebook account and didn’t quite see why or how I would use Twitter, or why it was so interesting.  I did not feel I had space in my life for another social networking thingamy.

I set up my Twitter account around the same time as setting up this site.  I thought if I was going to be tinkering around in this field then I should be as informed a user of all things “web” or “app” as I could be.  I still did not quite get the gist of it at first, the constant stream of information seemed a bit overwhelming.  Then  something clicked, I think I got out of “Facebook” mode and realised my timeline was full of delicious little  scanable snippets,  some of which are exactly what they are (a couple of lines of text), some there to inform and tempt you in to something  bigger, but you can dip in or dip out.  I also started reading and scrolling upwards on my timeline – revelation!  It might sound silly but I had been getting cross with Twitter for not taking me to the top of the page and scrolling myself up only to read downwards (feel free to tease me about my stupidity, I know, I know!).  Then the realisation came that you can search to see what people are saying about pretty much anything(!) and tag your own posts to be viewed by anyone and everyone, using the amazing, marvellous #hashtag.


One of my posts to Twitter (tagging my CS50x course and the Scratch course) led to over a hundred people I don’t know (and therefore with no obligation) to visit my blog in the space of 24hours.  I think the IT-Rex found my elation at my increasing visitor count most quaintly amusing, but it was like magic that these people somehow happened upon my tweet and then took the time to come visit, how lovely is that?*

I have added a page of my Twitterings to the site as I have been using it to share some articles and interesting bits and bobs and here is hoping for more of these successful experiments!  Hmmmm turns out the 640 million or so Twitter users are on to something.

* by the way I also think it is lovely that people I do know visit my blog  (so thank you very much peeps!) and no one is actually obliged to come apart from my husband who would never hear the end of it if he didn’t.