The very beginning – way back in 2014


– noun informal – 

a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.

Hello, my name is El and I am a noob.

elI am about to embark on a new adventure in to the world of web design and development, languages and coding, programming, creating and anything else I discover along the way that captures my attention.   I am starting as a beginner, having only a few oddments of experience and scraps of knowledge.

I have created this site to share my adventure.  Perhaps if you are reading this feeling like a noob too (in whatever area you inhabit) it might reassure you that you are not alone in trying something new.  Quite honestly this is a very daunting prospect for me, not only the push to try and redefine myself and reshape my career but also to put my experiences (and writing) out there for everyone to see.  But it’s time to be brave (eek!), I have started a few things already that I am itching to tell you about so I need to get this up and running before it all becomes rather retrospective.

The blog bit of this site is to invite you along for the ride, spectate or collaborate with me, chip in, give me advice or critique the site.  I would love feedback, even if it is just to validate that there is someone out there reading this.  The site itself is a total experiment, I am aiming to share what I am learning by developing the site as I go.  I’ve got a book, the internet and my very own personal fountain of knowledge (aka my husband – who has been working in this area since the time of the computer dinosaurs (and as such I have decided to affectionately name him “IT-Rex”)).

Hopefully it might be interesting, hopefully someone other than my husband might read this… but like I say it is an experiment.

Over and out!

El (aka Digital Doll)


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