About Me


– noun informal – 

a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.

Hello, my name is El and I am a noob.

Then – 2014

I made this statement on an introductory page on this very website nearly five years ago.  The funny thing is it still applies, and I think as long as you strive to learn new things, developing and evolving as you go, it will always be the case.

I have been on a winding path through the world of web design and development, languages and coding, programming, creating.  I loved learning about the “magic” behind all the everyday applications that we interact with.  Somehow though pursuing this as a career didn’t tick all of my boxes.  After a break concentrating on home and my two small daughters I started out exploring my more creative side, after making various things for them (cakes, costumes, dolls, art projects) I set about finding something that was for me to enjoy – making jewellery.  I set to and made myself a cute little logo / brand to use as a platform to sell some of the pieces that I made.  I found I enjoyed the process of tinkering around designing that logo the most, out of all of the many things I had tried my hand at so far.

Another opportunity arose when my close friend started her own small business venture, I offered to help with the logo, colours and feel to her branding and again I really felt like this could be my “thing”.  Boosted by a most positive reception what I had created when it went live on her website I decided I wanted to take this further.

So I have enrolled myself as a part-time student, I have just embarked on my first unit of a degree in Design and Innovation.  I have always had an interest and passion for art, good design and aesthetics.  I also come from a process background, in a previous life I worked as an auditor as part of a process improvement team.  So the actual design process, working through steps to build on an idea and reach a desired result is not unfamiliar territory!  My plan is to grow and evolve my skills whilst gaining practical experience, getting out there and finding some projects to get my teeth in to.  I’m hoping to find time to continue with my little jewellery venture (TinkerBobbins) too.

Exciting times!

Now – 2018