A pretty little thought

I like to think of how children view the world and how their take on things can subsequently make the world a more magical place.  For example my four year old daughter asks me all manner of wonderful things like “can we make the moon pink?” or “will we see unicorns at the zoo?”.  Beholding her sheer wonder and delight at planting a seed and watching it grow was truly something.  That is how all this technology is to me, it is magical and does amazing things (I do feel a bit like I am about to go through the wardrobe to Narnia).  I am hoping that this is what I can share here, and hopefully my web veteran husband sees this too – when I am bothering him for the millionth time to look at a border I made or picture I’ve inserted.

One thought on “A pretty little thought”

  1. Children remind us to stop and take time to look at the more important things don’t they? And I especially like it when they get you truly flummoxed with a question and you go on an adventure with them to find out why, what, who or when.

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