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So my husband (mister IT-Rex himself) says I need a website (okey dokey) and hosting for the site (errrrm, beg your pardon?) and a name (oooooh exciting) and that the name has to be relevant, catchy and most of all available and not already taken (oh).  He also said that he wasn’t going to help me with any of those things as sometimes it is best to learn by doing thing on ones ownsome (pout!).  I’m thinking perhaps the IT-Rex thinks he is some kind of combination of Yoda and Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid.

So I opened my notepad and I racked my rusty, dusty, cobwebby brain for a name for this site.  I made a list of words, things that described me, things I liked, clever sounding things and some very random things.  At first everything seemed too obvious and either already taken, or just too disjointed and bizarre.  Lets just say trying to apply my name (El or Elle) to random words makes urls that sound like hair removal products.

It was a challenge as I was not entirely sure what the site will be used for, or what I am going to end up doing, and ultimately what I want to portray here.  After a long time spent looking and thinking and thinking and drinking (coffee) and looking, finally something glimmered amongst the heap of scribbledy doodles I had amassed…


 *insert angelic ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh music and shiny beautiful text effect here once I learn how to do that*

“Digital Doll”

The named seemed a rather sweet summary, it is techy but girly which just happens to be two of the many things I am attempting to be right now via the amazing wondrousness of multi-tasking.  I typed it in to a check availability box (arrived at from a swift google search) with my fingers crossed, concentrating on good karma type things and hoping, and there it was, I could have it!  Woooooot!

I placed an order for the domain name and then set up hosting with the appropriate peoples online (this was provided by the mister).  It was all very straightforward, with walkthroughs and instructions all the way (ner ner to the IT-Rex).  It was all very easy, so far so good….. I am actually rather uneasy about it being a bit too simple, but one thing I am discovering about delving in to the world of computing is that it is enormous.  The technology (hardware and software) involved is huge, and I have to remind myself that I am new and not let myself get overwhelmed with information or daunted because I don’t know everything.

So here we are, one install of Word Press later and I am live on the internet talking to people (person? husband? maybe? hello?).

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