Finishing CS50x and a Huge Thank You

So at the time of my last post I was still submerged deeply within the CS50 course, panicking wildly about creating and submitting a final project.

The good news is that it is done and I passed!  What I wasn’t anticipating is just how hard it would be.  There were many tears, frustrations and self doubts.  Testament to this is just how long it has taken me to sit down and think / write about it here on the site (5 months!).

Overall I am slightly disappointed that (as per the brief) I haven’t changed the world with my project, but hey there is still plenty of time for that.  I decided to create a meal planning tool, I thought this would be achievable and useful to me personally.  I felt that I would have a good base to go from having completed  one of my assignments that covered SQL and PHP which then tied in to a web application front end.  Then came the realisation that I know so little, what seemed a fairly simple idea soon sprawled out into a huge mess of things that I didn’t understand or couldn’t fathom how to work.  I started to get very stressed and soon even ‘simple’ things I should’ve known how to get started with seemed a million miles away.

Cue meltdown…..

The huge thankyou goes to the IT-Rex who put up with my melting down for all of about a week, who then told me to pull my socks up and helped me take a step back and apply what I had been learning, which it seems was not just to speak ‘computer’.  I had forgotten the approach used for every single assignment that I had done previously; breaking the problem down into manageable parts and tackling them step by step, working through each piece logically (thanks CS50!).  IT-Rex also read my code for me (over and over and over) and acted as a translator when I just couldn’t get my head round the techy speak of servers and databases and connections and so on.

So after a fraught couple of weeks it was done, the presentation video uploaded and marked within a couple of days – PASS.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 11.11.50

On to the next chapter…



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