Hi, I’m new here….


Thank you for visiting Digital Doll, aka me – Eleanor Marsh; design student and enthusiast.

I have a great passion for art and design and I have found an aptitude for seeing the creative possibilities from a brief suggestion or idea.  I endeavour to produce well thought out unique results, understanding the user and / or their audience and designing to effectively communicate their message and reflect their desired image.  I love adventuring off along a train of thought, either expanding on or branching out on a different path – even if that path turns out to be a dead end and I have to double back and try something new.

I am currently studying for a BA(hons) in Design and Innovation, in my spare time I enjoy creating artwork and have been lucky enough to be engaged in a couple of very interesting projects (examples below).

I would love to expand my skills and experience, if you would like to discuss a commission please contact me.  I am particularly interested in graphic design for both digital and print; artwork, logos and branding, illustrations or specific briefs for social media projects / campaigns.