Digital Doll – the return…

…or part II the revenge of the noob

…or Digital Doll the SQL (sure there had to be a code joke in there somewhere!)


Anyhoo hello there my name is El and I am Digital Doll.

Once upon a time in early 2014 I started out on an adventure to conquer the world of computers, coding, web design and development and anything else that took my fancy or the digital world could throw at me.  I also created this site.

I feel I did well (have a mosey on round the site for blog postings and blatherings for more on that) but got a little waylaid by life and all the shiny and not shiny things we had going on (I have written a new little blog piece on that too).

But now I’m back!  I am not sure what this site is going to be but I am sure it is going to BE.  Primarily I am going to use the blog as a welcome but worthwhile and productive distraction to keep my day to day learning and working fresh.  I am hoping it will help to motivate too, if I’m having to tell you wonderful people about what I’m up to then I’d best crack on eh? You readers can be my virtual office buddies!  Also, who knows, something I share might be helpful or useful to others, either work wise or personally. This site was always an experiment, to share and to bring you along on my little adventure.

Lets see where we end up this time.

As a wise man once said “to infinity and beyond!”

Over and out!

El (aka Digital Doll)



a girl trying to learn the way of the computer, it's all geek to me!

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