I have decided take a detour from my previous career path (Digital Doll, coding adventures, programming and beyond) to share a little of my creativity with the world and see what comes of it.

And so I would like to introduce TinkerBobbins.

I have spent the past eight years being a mum.  One of the parts of my crazy parenting job that I particularly enjoy is creating things for my daughters. From fancy dress outfits, knitted clothing and home made soft toys to helping them with their homework, art and craft projects and throwing themed birthday parties with special touches and adventurous cake designs.

It started with requests for random things from my girls, I then started drawing, and then making and most of all having a wonderful time being creative!

 My current range covers:
  • Character hair clips and alice bands
  • Floral headpieces / fascinators
  • Felt brooches

I am happy to design to specific requirements, if you or your little one has a favourite animal / item / piece of clothing then I can create you something especially to match.

I am very excited about expanding my skills and diversifying, making some more challenging pieces and building up my catalogue.

I have an Etsy Shop and Facebook page with full details of my current products and creations.

I have really enjoyed my Digital Doll escapades and feel that I have learned many valuable things but it is time for something new, TinkerBobbins is my new alter ego (so named after my daughter’s nicknames Trinity – Tink and Genie – Bobbins).

Come find me on social media or Etsy and check me out!

El – formally Digital Doll now TinkerBobbins